Dance at The Ballroom

•WATCH ME MOVE (ages 18 months + with parent or caregiver): Mondays 4:45-5:30pm. A fun filled creative movement class for children and parents. This class encourages free movement and play, along with child and parent bonding. Music is chosen to enhance imagination and creativity. A great way to explore, grow, and make new friends! 6 week sessions TBA-we are still looking for our perfect new WMM teacher!


•MUSIC & MOVEMENT (3 year olds): Wednesdays, 2-2:50pm. For our littlest ballet dancers: An introduction to dance for the very young dancer. (Two 8 week sessions start October 4, 2017 and February 7, 2018). Juliette Lauzier


•FIRST STEPS (pre Ballet for 4 year olds-must be 4 by 10/15)

Thursdays, 3:30-4:20pm. Intended for preschoolers, First Steps students become aware of body alignment and movements through dance fundamentals, rhythm exercises and games. Basic Ballet technique will be introduced. Our youngest recital class! (Full term, recital). Juliette Lauzier


•BALLET/TAP I (ages 5 & 6): Wednesdays 4:30-5:30. 1/2 hour of Tap and 1/2 hour of Ballet in this fun class for kindergärtners and first graders. (Full term, recital). Juliette Lauzier


•BALLET/JAZZ I (ages 6-8): Thursdays 3:30-4:30 Featuring 1/2 hour each of Ballet & Jazz for our returning Ballet/Tap dancers, returning Jazz/Tap dancers and new students. (Full term, recital). Tegan Bullard


•BALLET II (8+): Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30. Hour long Ballet class for our returning Ballet I dancers or students new to The Ballroom with equivalent dance

experience. (Full term, recital) Becci Webb


•BALLET III (9+): Wednesdays 5:30pm.Third year full hour Ballet for our returning Ballet II students or those new to The Ballroom with equivalent dance experience. (Full term, recital) Juliette Lauzier


•BALLET V (11+): Thursdays 4:30-5:30. Fifth year Ballet for our returning Ballet IV dancers or equivalent. (Full term, recital). Juliette Lauzier


•JAZZ FUSION (10+): Thursdays 5:30. We will focus on various styles in our Jazz Fusion class appropriate for our returning Jazz Fusion dancers as well as those with equivalent dance experience. (Full term, recital). Tegan Bullard


•BALLET TECHNIQUE (ages 11+, Ballet V, VI+): TBA. An additional one hour technique class designed to allow for further strengthening and to enhance the progression of our Ballet students. New! Our Ballet Technique class will run in three 8 week sessions-great for coordinating with school

activities. Becci Webb


•BALLET VI (ages 13+): Tuesdays, 3:30-5. Sixth year Ballet class for our returning Ballet V dancers or equivalent. Pointe work is included.(Full term,

recital) Becci Webb


•JAZZ/TAP VI (13+): Wednesdays, 3-4:30. Sixth year Broadway style Jazz & Tap combination in a longer format. (Full term, recital) Juliette Lauzier


•TAP V/VII (Teens 16+): Thursdays 5:30. Full hour Tap class for our returning Tap IV/VI dancers or equivalent (most students have had a minimum of 6

years prior Tap in combo classes & minimum of 4 years focused Tap). (Full term, recital). Juliette Lauzier


•BALLET X/XI (16+): Wednesdays 6:30-8pm. 10th-11th year Ballet students further expand their technique essential to progression while also focusing on musicality. Pointe work emphasizes strengthening of muscles and safe, proper use of feet. (Full term, recital) Juliette Lauzier


•CONTEMPORARY MODERN (Teens 15+): Thursdays 4:30-5:30. Modern Dance represented a fundamental shift toward freedom & self expression in American dance. Contemporary denotes a further evolution stressing versatility and improvisation. This is an exciting, eclectic dance form including elements of Modern, Jazz & composition. (Prerequisite: 5 years Jazz/Tap plus Contemporary Jazz, Contemporary Modern I or equivalent).

(full term, recital). Tegan Bullard


•INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED ADULT TAP: Thursdays 6:30-7:45pm. Intermediate/advanced level tap includes technique & choreography. A minimum of 7 years prior Tap is recommended (full term, optional recital). Juliette Lauzier


•TEEN/ADULT BEGINNER/ADVANCED BEGINNER TAP: Thursdays 7:45-8:45pm. Have you always wanted to Tap? Did you Tap as a child or have you been doing our Adult Beginner Tap class? Here is your chance to participate in this fun, rhythmic form of dance! (full term, optional

recital). Juliette Lauzier


Ages in class descriptions are guidelines. Prior experience is the most important factor in determining class placement.


About Our Teachers...

Juliette Lauzier will be returning for her twentieth year at The Ballroom to teach Ballet, Jazz, Modern & Tap. Juliette has had extensive training and teaching experience through the Maine State Ballet school where she is a faculty member and, in addition, is a soloist with the Maine State Ballet Company (having danced with MSB since it’s inception). Juliette is also a member of the faculty for the Maine Dance Teachers Club annual workshops and generously shares her skills as a dancer and choreographer in the annual production of “Inspired Voices- An evening of hope and inspiration” (benefiting TCMHS). The Ballroom has long maintained a respected presence in the Ballet world in many ways due to Juliette’s consistent contributions. In addition to her performing and teaching skills, Juliette is in demand as a choreographer for community theater and arts organizations throughout Southern Maine. Her extensive performing experience, outstanding choreographic skills, rare ability to teach a variety of dance styles, outstanding ability to relate to and perform her “teaching magic” for her dance students of all ages and her insightful teaching technique have made her an indispensable part of the dance community at The Ballroom.


Joining us for her ninth year at The Ballroom is ballerina Becci Webb. Becci began her dance training at the Maine State Ballet at age 3 but really caught the dance/performance bug when she was Clara in The Nutcracker at age 10! Becci eventually became a featured soloist at the Maine State Ballet and continues to serve as a summer faculty member when her busy schedule allows. Becci participated in summer dance camps with the Maine State Ballet, the Boston Ballet and the Feld Ballet Company and earned her BA in Dance Performance at Butler University in Indianapolis studying Ballet, Character, Modern, Jazz , Tap & Flamenco! Becci returned to Maine and eventually added to her academic credentials with an advanced degree in Early Childhood Education- a powerful credential for a dance teacher! A mother of three, Becci is currently on leave as an elementary school teacher but continues to dance and teach while enjoying her time with her young children.


An exciting new addition to our teaching faculty is Tegan Bullard. Tegan grew up learning Belly Dance under the tutelage of her mother, collaborated with Naya’s Trance Belly Dancers in Portland, Maine and then branched out to Variant Jazz with Debi Irons at Art Moves Dance Studio. Tegan later joined and is still involved in the Art Moves Ensemble and has taught at Art Moves Dance as well as teaching in public schools around Western Maine while an Art Moves Troupe Project member. Other notable teachers have included Joanna Patterson (Modern Dance) and Bruce Tracy (Hip Hop). Tegan was a choreographer and performer in Dance Co Motion for 4 years at Fort Lewis College in Colorado. When Tegan returned to Maine she reunited with Nevaeh Dance Company as well as with Art Moves Dance/Cottage Street Creative Exchange and Expansion Arts. Tegan enjoys teaching the fusion mix she has learned from many great teachers and looks forward to sharing her passion for dance with our dancers at The Ballroom!



We offer classes that focus on building sound technique in an atmosphere that fosters creative self expression and respect for individual’s varying interests and abilities.


Our classes will end with a recital currently planned for the evening of Friday, May 4th, 2018.


Our goal for the year end recital is to not only give family and friends the opportunity to see the dancers in action, but also to provide an opportunity for the dancers to experience the joy of performance and the focus and excitement engendered by working toward a concrete goal. Costumes will be simple and choreography will reflect the growing capabilities of the dancers.(Adult students will have the opportunity to participate in the recital fun if they wish)



We will follow the December, February & April school vacation calendar but dance classes will be held on teacher workshop days and many holidays. We do not automatically cancel classes when school cancels for the weather. Cancellation decisions will, instead be based upon predicted safe travel for afternoon and evening classes.


While, obviously, a sick child does not belong in class, we do ask that you keep in mind the value of continuity and consistency in class attendance. Please give the office a call if your child will be absent & let us know if transportation is an issue(we may be able to help)!


Our goal at the Ballroom is to offer high quality classes, taught by professional performing artists and teachers, at an affordable price. Some limited scholarships and work study positions are available.(Speak to Nan Brett, director of the Ballroom) Financial hardship should not interfere with a developing dancer’s training.



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